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Masons Yorkshire Gin

Description:  Distilled in 200 litre batches, each bottle bears its own hand written batch a..

Ex Tax: £28.95
Warner Edwards, Harrington Gin, UK

Description:   An exceptionally smooth Gin, handcrafted by lifelong friends Tom Warner ..

Ex Tax: £26.50
Berneroy Fine Calvados

Description:  Burstingwith fresh apple flavours this Calvdos is highly aromatic, hearty and ..

Ex Tax: £24.50
Le Reviseur VS Cognac

Description: Produced in the famous Petite Champagne region.  Old gold in colour. A ver..

Ex Tax: £31.95
Baron de Sigognac 10 Ans Bas Armagnac

Description:  The 10 year old Baron de Sigognac delivers an exceptional and rare taste. ..

Ex Tax: £34.00
Maxime Trijol VSOP Grande Champagne, Cognac

Description:  Made exclusively with Grand Champagne eaux-de-vie -the ines cru in the Co..

Ex Tax: £45.50
Clos Martin Folle Blanche 15 Year Old Armagnac XO

Dscription:  Soft, spicy and nutty with a good sweetness.  On the palate, rounded and s..

Ex Tax: £38.95
Calvados VSOP Pays d' Auge, Domaine Dupont

Description:  Made from 3 different types of apple:  sweet, bitter and high acidity, wi..

Ex Tax: £52.85
Warner Edwards Harrington Sloe Gin

Description:  Distilled in a copper still using pure spring water from the Warner Edwards sp..

Ex Tax: £22.50

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